At Founders CNC our mission is to be the BEST at making you the BEST


We appreciate the concept of making things local. We work, consume and raise our families in the same communities as our customers. This is a compelling convenience that we offer over our competitors-we are here!

We provide so much more than just the repair of your CNC equipment. We aspire to give all customers the ability to be more effective with the machinery that they already own. This can be accomplished when one, or all, of our CNC services are employed.

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Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Services & Programs

We believe that the best way to reduce equipment down-time is with a Preventative and Predictive Maintenance (PM) Program that ensure proper operation of your equipment. A proper program not only includes regular inspection for issues, but also scheduled downtime for more in-depth inspections.

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Machinery Installation and Commissioning Services

We recognize that manufacturing technology is progressive and we need to stay abreast. We are mindful that every enhancement in technology does not make your current workforce obsolete. We can aid you in deciphering the new technology, while integrating it with your current equipment.

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