About Us

We are a team with 25+ years of CNC repair experience

We offer a variety of maintenance and inspection programs that keep your machines operating at peak efficiency. OEM’s can sometimes have unreasonable lead times for scheduling & parts, with an emphasis on sales. We are local & repair is our bread and butter! We are a group of technicians who will not stop until your issue is resolved and who provide legendary customer service to every single customer.

We are there with you every step of the way to solve both short and long-term issues.

We can help to identify and prevent re-occurring problems and assist you in countering these conditions, which in turn improves the longevity of your machine. We are excellent communicators who work one on one with machine operators to help train them to understand their machines, both inside and out, much better.

Technician Operated

Founders CNC believes that the best way for a business to stay successful is for all employees, management included, to stay close to the work and the customer.

At Founders CNC, We promote, maintain and support the MAKERS of the future!

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Founders CNC